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masonic art works, ancient aprons and rituals
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Victorian Lodge of Research
Victorian Lodge of Research (duplicate site)

Kring Nieuw Holland (Circle New Holland)

Holden Research Circle

Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council


Ars Macionica


Internet Lodge of Research

The Heritage Lodge (Ontario)


* Internet Lodge.
To visit

*** Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research.
The most famous Lodge of research.


Research Lodge Minerva


** Rudyard Kipling Lodge
Currently, the best french masonic research website. Superb design. Extraordinary content. Quality everywhere. The top of the top.


The Masonic Lodge of Research CC

The Royal Arch Chapter of Research


* Torrione Lodge of Research.
Interesting Lectures page in various languages

New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Research Lodge

Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council


Philippines Lodge of Research


* The Lodge Hope of Kurrachee.
Do not miss the Lectures Pages.

Lodge Earraghaidheal.
Do not miss the Lectures Pages.

South Africa

Cape Masonic Research Association


Alpina Research Group


Northern California Research Lodge

Southern California Research Lodge.
Since 1952.

El Camino Research Lodge (California)

Academia Lodge no. 847.
California's First Traditional Observance Lodge.

Louisiana Lodge of Research

Maine Lodge of Research.
Interesting papers.

Iowa Research Lodge No. 2

Educational Lodge (Minnesota).
Since 1945.

Missouri Lodge of Research.
Good papers.

Anniversary Lodge of Research (New Hampshire)

Oklahoma Lodge of Research

Pennsylvania Lodge of Research

South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research

Texas Lodge of Research


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masonic art works, ancient aprons and rituals