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*** FreemasonCollection.
The must.
English version .
Versión española.
Version française.



French Masonic Antiques

Antique books. Freemasonry and Hermetics. Rare books in a lot of languages.

Antique Ireland .
Antique masonic books.



**Royal Arch Banners.
The most beautiful Royal Arch Banners...



The National Masons For Masons Blue Pages
Listing of Masons operating a business. US pages only.

The Brothers Business Network
Business from Brethren to Brethren



Masonic Carpets


Gifts & Jewelry

* Faiencerie du Clocher.
Traditional Handmade Faience Plates. Superb.

German symbolic gifts

Very original masonic jewelry from Corsica.

Georges Geyduschek Masonic Jewels Creations.
Never seen jewelry. Do not miss.

Fine masonic jewelry.

JB masonic figurines
Figurines for freemasons. An original gift...


Ladies Festival

Square Events.
All services for ladies' festivals

Ladies night photographer

Perfect Weekend
Organisers of Masonic Ladies' Festivals .


Regalia, Books & Masonic Shopping

*** FreemasonCollection.
The must.
English version.
Versión española.
Version française.

The Freemason.
Forum, links and shopping.

Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply.
Since 1849

Lewis Masonic

Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints

Toye, Kenning and Spencer.
Since 1685 (!)

The Masonic Apparel & Accessories Connection.
A lot of products, mainly for Prince Hall Masons.

Masonic Wood.
Quality furnishing.

Glotoma Handicraft Masonic Regalia .
French quality regalia.

Canadian Masonic Supply.
French quality regalia.

Freemasonry for the Millennium.
Not only a store but also many interesting educational material

Masonic Gloves
Very, very large collection of masonic gloves...

Lost Word
One of the oldest masonic shop online.

Knights of St. Andrew Web store
All profits are donated to charity

Dean and associates
Masonic Aprons and Supplies. Established 1975.

Hiram Regalía
Una tienda espanola de regalia.

Acacia Masonic Supplies
Many things here...

The Square and Compasses
Masonic Publishing Company

Working Tools
Books & regalia

Décors et articles maçonniques

The Masonic Regalia Lodge
Masonic Regalia and News For Brethren and Friends



*** FreemasonCollection.
100' of e-Rituals. All rites and workings.
English version.
Versión española.
Version française.



Freemason Video
Washington, DC: A Monument to Freemasonry. Interesting.

** The Scottish Key
Excellent. A must see.

** La Clef Ecossaise
Excellent. Incontournable.

Web & Softwares

Masonic Software



Masonic French Wine.
Haut-médoc avec un étiquette maçonnique.



masonic art works, ancient aprons and rituals